American Melodies for Violin, Volume I

American Melodies for Violin, Volume I, Bound Physical Books

American Melodies: Double Stop Solos and Duets For Violin, Volume I, is the first of a two-volume musical celebration of our American heritage. Each Volume contains both duet and double stop solo arrangements of five patriotic songs and five folk songs. (Please read the Foreword by William Starr by Clicking the Forewords Button located here or at the top of the navigation bar on the Home Page.) There are two verses within each song, the second verse being more elaborate than the first. Each of the two volumes in American Melodies includes violin duets with the identical notes contained in the duet arrangement rewritten for one player as a double stop solo.

Volume I is geared for students with very little or no experience playing double stops, studying either late Suzuki book three or pieces such as Bach Bourrees, Gavottes or Seitz concerti. As such, it is an ideal starting place to begin the journey into the wonderful world of double stops!

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American Melodies for Violin, Volume I , 34 Pages, 20 Arrangements

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