American Melodies for Violin, Volume Il

American Melodies for Violin, Volume Il, Bound Physical Books

With respect to the use of double stops, the arrangements in American Melodies, Volume II, are significantly more challenging than those pieces found in Volume I. (Please read the Foreword by William Starr by Clicking the Forewords Button located here or at the top of the navigation bar on the Home Page.)

Volume II is geared for students studying either Suzuki book six or pieces such as La Folia, Handel Sonatas or the Accolay Concerto. There are lots of spiccato passages involving double stops, and lots of passages in higher positions. Be ready to dig in your heels and practice HARD!! These arrangements are for “hot-shot” players that are way-serious about double stops, wanting to take their technique to the next level!!

Old MacDonald Sample PDF »
Yankee Doodle Sample PDF »

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Yankee Doodle MP3 Sample »

40 Pages, 20 Arrangements

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