Christmas Melodies For Four Violins, Volume II

Christmas Melodies For Four Violins, Volume II, Bound Physical Books

The level of difficulty for Volume II is intermediate to advanced (minimum Seitz, Kuchler, Reiding, Vivaldi concerti). The carols in this Volume contain more chromatic passages and are technically a bit more challenging than my previous Volume.
The unique feature about these arrangements is the contrast between the contemporary (1st verse) and classical (2nd verse) styles. There is a lot of busy passagework in the faster carols and lots of moving inner voices in the slower carols. The melody is traded off between all four violin parts. There are a total of 7 carols in this Volume, with five separate bound booklets, including the four violin parts (8 pages each part) and a score (18 pages).

Christmas Melodies For Four Violins, Volume II: Contemporary and Classical Arrangements, Bound Physical Books
58 Total Pages, 7 Carols including 4 Separate Violin Parts and a Score
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