Christmas Melodies For Violin: Duets [to the 3rd power]…3 Verses of FUN!

Christmas Melodies For Violin: Duets Cubed, Bound Physical Books

My Duets3 version of Christmas Melodies is an excellent resource for planning studio Christmas programs, playing at holiday parties, or simply gaining sight-reading experience while playing fun and familiar music. The meaning of “cubed” is that there are three different levels of difficulty for the second violinist — easy, medium and hard.
But what really makes my Duets3 Volume unique is that the first violin part is very simple and remains the same in verses 1 and 2, going up an octave on the 3rd verse. This feature, combined with the three different gradings for the second violinist yields two very important implications about this Volume.
First, ALL levels of students are appropriately challenged, from the beginner to the most advanced. And second, related to this first point, you can get a tremendous amount of mileage from this material. In particular, if you start your beginner students with this Volume, you can continue using it in a challenging manner for many years to come, without them becoming bored!
This will become most evident when you view the Sample PDFs or listen to the Sample MP3s below.

Jingle Bells: Duets3…3 Verses of FUN! Sample PDF »

Jingle Bells: Duets3…3 Verses of FUN! Sample MP3 »

Christmas Melodies For Violin: Duets3…3 Verses of FUN! – 40 Pages, 15 Arrangements

Please click on Christmas Carols to see a complete Song List.

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