Concerto Melodies For Violin And Cello, Volume I

Concerto Melodies For Violin And Cello, Volume I, Bound Book

This book was recently licensed to The Yasuda Music Company LLC by the International Suzuki Association.
This volumes contain a total of four complete concerti (three movements per concerto), including two from the Classical period (Rieding B Minor, Seitz G Major) and two from the Baroque period (Vivaldi A and G Minor). These are harmonically accurate and full-sounding duos that a couple of intermediate level students would enjoy playing together on recitals, gigs or just for fun in the living room! Tutti sections are included in the duets. Also available for Two Violins.
Concerto Melodies, Volume I can also be used by teachers to help prepare students before they rehearse with a pianist or can actually be performed without a pianist.
Christopher Rex, Principal Cellist with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, kindly reviewed all the arrangements in this volume and was most gracious in writing a very supportive Foreword.

Rieding B Minor PDF Sample
Seitz G Major PDF Sample

Rieding B Minor Sample MP3 »
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52 Total Pages, Four Complete Concerti
For an additional $2.00, you may purchase a separate bound cello insert from some of the longer movements (Vivaldi A and G, mvmts. #1 and #3). This insert is 9 pages. Duets can be used for ensemble work and the cello parts can be used for performances. The drop down menu below allows you to make a purchase with or without this insert.

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