Flip-Flop Melodies For Cello and Violin, Volume II

Flip-Flop Melodies For Cello and Violin, Volume II – Bound Physical Books
This book was recently licensed to The Yasuda Music Company LLC by the International Suzuki Association.
As a continuation of Volume I, enjoy the rich, deep sounds of the cello and the brilliant, sparkling violin together in this second volume! Martha Yasuda, Arranger for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, has created a very novel new book of duos where the melody begins in verse one with the cello and in verse two, it FLIP-FLOPS over to the violin.
This volume is for intermediate players and contains thirteen familiar songs found in many method books (Musette, Chorus, Way Down Upon the Swanee River, The Two Grenadiers, Londonderry Air). Keys chosen are those used in cello parts, with the violin transposing down a fifth. Harmonies are consistent with most piano accompaniments. What a great way for sibs and close string buddies to enjoy playing their favorite tunes together!
Christopher Rex, Principal Cellist with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, kindly reviewed all the arrangements in this volume and was most gracious in writing a very supportive Foreword.

39 Pages, 14 Titles with 28 Arrangements — Flip-Flop Melodies and Harmonies

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